‘The worst shampoo I have ever used’: Woman claims she was shocked to find out her shampoo had yellow dye

A woman has been shocked to discover her shampoo has yellow dye.

Katie Rizzo, 22, says she bought the shampoo in her local store in Melbourne, Australia, and was surprised to find the shampoo had a yellow dye, which she says smells terrible.

“I had the shampoo on for two days, and it smells really bad,” she said.

She bought the product in the New Zealand market and it is made by a company in New Zealand called Batiste Dry Shampoo.

A Batiste spokeswoman told ABC News Australia the product was made in the United Kingdom, and she was unsure if it had yellow in it.

The company said the dye was a natural product, and did not contain the chemical yellowestrada, which is used in the dyeing process.

Rizzo said she tried washing it with a damp cloth to get rid of the dye, and the product didn’t smell like shampoo at all.

But she also said she found that the product’s ingredients were similar to other shampoos she had tried.

In a statement, Batiste said the product “does not contain any yellow dye”, but the product has been discontinued. ABC/wires