The best shampoo you can buy today

BIOTERA, Israel (AP) If you have a dog, you know that it is not a good idea to go out in public in the middle of the night.

But that’s exactly what your shampoo is supposed to do.

Biotera is a Russian-made shampoo that is popular among Israelis.

It’s a unique product that is made with artificial ingredients that are specially engineered to keep hair from falling out.

It contains a synthetic peptide, which is made from an amino acid, and is the most common ingredient in shampoo and conditioners in Israel.

Its popularity has made it an ideal product for Israel’s harsh winters and dry summers.

It is available at many Israeli grocery stores, pharmacies and even the barber shop in Tel Aviv.

The company says the shampoo has no harmful effects on animals and has no allergic reactions.

But animal rights activists say Bioteda shampoo is not safe for animals.

And the Israeli animal rights group Avner has accused the company of violating animal welfare laws.

A petition on is currently going through the process of getting signatures.

One of the most popular petitions on Change has been calling for the company to be pulled from the market.

Some people have been saying the shampoo is just as harmful to humans as the chemicals it is made out of.

This petition has gathered nearly 10,000 signatures.

A statement on Bioteria website says it is a natural product with no animal ingredients and uses organic materials.

A representative of the company told the Haaretz newspaper that they had no comment on the petition.

In recent years, there have been reports of Biotara using the same chemicals used in other Israeli companies.

Avner, which has been in the news for years, said it was surprised by the petition and wanted to make it clear that Bioterales shampoo is safe for all.

“We’re just not aware of any complaints or claims against the company, and we want to make sure that we don’t make any such accusations,” Avner director Ronny Goldwasser told Haaretz.

He said the company does not sell Bioteri shampoo in Israel, nor does it use any of the chemicals in the shampoo.

“The company doesn’t use any animal ingredients in its products,” Goldwasserman said.

The animal rights movement has said Biotere is being used by Israeli companies to promote animal rights in the country.

It says Biotrea has also been used in Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank, and it claims the products contain artificial ingredients.