What to know about the latest science on facial masks

What you need to know in the latest CricInfo news story:1.Scientists are not sure why people have trouble removing facial blemishes2.People have an aversion to facial blems3.You may want to get some facial bleming products to help with blemish removal4.How to get rid of acne-prone skin5.Facial blemishing is less common than previously thought6.How you can […]

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How to wash your hair before using shampoo

Before using shampoo, rinse your hair with hot water and soap and then apply a mild shampoo to the area.Apply a gentle shampoo to cleanse the hair.Avoid using a strong shampoo.Shampooing your hair should not be used as a means of removing dirt and grime.Use a gentle towel to remove the hair, but avoid using […]

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‘Aunt Caroline’ stars in ‘Auld Lang Syne’

AUGUSTA, Ga.— Aunt Carol’s daughter, Aunt Caroline, is the latest celebrity to be cast in a “Auld Log Syne” spinoff movie.In a tweet, the “Aunt Maggie’s House” actor says, “I’m excited to be playing Aunt Caroline.I have been waiting for this role for a long time.I can’t wait for everyone to see the film.”Carol’s wife, […]

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How to Use Blue Shampoo To Prevent Dry Skin

Best blue shampoo has been known to help reduce the appearance of dryness and flaky skin.But some people have found it can also help to prevent and even reverse the signs of aging and age-related problems such as wrinkles and discoloration.Now, research suggests that a blue shampoo can help slow down or reverse the aging […]

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How to find a shampoo for your hair, says author

The most important thing you can do to find the best shampoo for the right hair type is to find out exactly what the hair is really made of, says Shireya Ghosh, co-founder and CEO of KEF.You should know that your hair is made up of four types of keratin which make it look like […]

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Which shampoo can really make your hair hair straight?

Hair straightening products are all the rage these days, and while some are worth a try, you may want to look elsewhere. To get the most bang for your buck, it’s important to consider the benefits of each. If you have sensitive skin, there’s nothing wrong with trying a shampoo that uses the natural ingredients found in […]

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