Blue shampoo: $3,000 cheaper than natural shampoo, but more expensive than other natural products?

Blue shampoo is a pricey luxury in Australia, but a new survey has found the product is still worth the money in Australia.

The survey of more than 20,000 consumers found most Australians prefer natural products and a few have purchased more than 100 products.

But those who have used blue shampoo more than 10 times are more likely to have bought more natural shampoo.

The poll also found some people are buying more than one brand of natural shampoo to try.

“Some people have bought multiple brands of natural hair conditioners in order to try them all and compare the prices,” said Dr Anne Kelly, of the Australian Consumer Law Centre.

“One of the things that has been very interesting to me is the amount of people who are buying multiple brands.

They may be interested in the price of a natural shampoo but they may not have bought the product for that purpose, so they’re not really thinking about the natural shampoo.”

The poll revealed some people have purchased natural hair products because they believe they will benefit from the natural ingredients in the products.

“They may have had a bad experience with a natural product, so now they’re looking for a good natural product to try,” Ms Kelly said.

“So some of the results that we have seen is people are using more than a single brand of products because, ‘I’m going to try this natural product because it’s cheaper’.”

Dr Kelly said some consumers may be purchasing natural products to try out a shampoo, conditioner or other hair care product.

“When people are thinking about what products they are going to buy, the best natural products for them are the ones that are cheap, and also the ones they’ve used before,” she said.

In Australia, many people are concerned about the high cost of natural products.

Dr Kelly’s research found many people were willing to pay $3 for shampoo and conditioner, but that some had gone even higher to buy more natural products than natural.

The consumer law centre is also looking at whether people should be able to buy natural products as part of their insurance policy.

“If a customer was able to do that, it could actually affect the cost of their own insurance policies,” Dr Kelly said, adding that insurance companies were still struggling to come up with a clear solution to protect people from natural products being purchased.

“We know that the cost is a problem and we’re looking at ways to solve that.”