How to make a beard look like a skunk

The only way to look like you’re going to be a skunky is to shave off all the facial hair.

That’s why it’s important to keep your facial hair in check, and that means removing it when you do, according to dermatologist and hair guru Dr. Anu Sharma.

You may have noticed that your facial locks have grown thinner over the years.

This is because the hormones that trigger the growth of facial hair don’t make it to your scalp.

But that doesn’t mean your hair isn’t going to grow back.

To keep your beard healthy and looking like you want it, take the following steps to keep it healthy and look great.


Get a beard wax shave This is probably the easiest way to maintain a beard, but it may not be the best option for people who have already been shaving for a while.

The beard is naturally a sensitive area, and there’s a lot of chemicals that will irritate your scalp, according, to Dr. Sharma.

So make sure to get a beard wafer or razor that’s compatible with your skin.


Remove facial hair at night When you wake up in the morning, shave your facial stubble.

Then go to bed, and when you wake in the middle of the night, remove your beard and let it air dry.


Take your scalp to the dermatologist A dermatologist will likely take a close look at your beard to make sure it’s functioning properly.

But you can also try this step-by-step method of styling.

You can also check out our tips for the best beard wax.


Get your beard cut If you’re already cutting your hair, it might not be an option for you.

But if you have a beard that has already been growing, you might want to try cutting it short.

In this case, shave it into a neat line.

And then cut the beard into pieces that fit together.

You’ll want to make this process quick so you don’t have to cut the hair back each time you want to trim.


Treat your facial skin with anti-inflammatory cream Apply a topical antibiotic cream to your facial scalp every day.

This cream contains the ingredient povidone, which can be helpful in treating facial acne, according Dr. Gupta.

You also can use it as an anti-bacterial treatment.


Avoid sunburns If you have any sunburn symptoms, like irritation, redness, and redness at the area where your beard is growing, it’s a good idea to try to shave it out as soon as possible.

You might feel a slight burning sensation after shaving your beard, and then, if you shave too quickly, it may irritate the area you’re touching.


Keep a routine in place for maintenance Dr. Sharan Gupta recommends that you make regular maintenance appointments to get rid of facial stubbles, according the Hair Guru.

You don’t want to be putting yourself at risk of a recurrence of your facial acne when you’re just going through the motions, but you can keep it in check with a routine.

If you notice your beard growing more quickly, or if you notice a rash, your doctor can prescribe a topical steroid to stop it.

And if your beard grows out of control, your dermatologist can prescribe an antihistamine to keep the beard in check.

So take it all in, and keep it to a minimum.