Why a $100 bottle of ‘Coconut Milk Shampoo’ costs $120 in India

India’s $100 shampoo can cost you as much as $1,400 at the pump in a few cities, with prices rising for some of the most popular brands.

In cities like Chennai, where prices for shampoo rose by as much 50% in January, shampoo costs an average of Rs.6,800 in February, while prices in Mumbai rose by 45%.

In Bangalore, the average price for shampoo was Rs.4,300 in February.

In Mumbai, it was Rs4,500.

In Hyderabad, where the average cost of shampoo was $1.20, prices were even higher.

In a recent article, we asked people what they thought of shampoo.

The average response was “It’s cheaper than my monthly income”.

However, there were also people who said “it’s too expensive” and “I’d rather buy a car”.

Shampoo can be a good option for people who are trying to save money, as there are many shampoo brands available for domestic and international buyers, including the most expensive brands in India.

But shampoo is often not suitable for those who live in urban areas, where many of the products are expensive to produce and carry, and people can get expensive by the bottle.

To help people make the most of shampoo, we have provided a guide to some of India’s best shampoo brands.

Here are a few of the best shampoo brand recommendations from the past three months.