The Purified shampoo target: A purifier for clean skin

The purifier will be available in two different versions, which are priced at Rs. 3,500 (US$4) for the 50ml version and Rs. 4,000 (US $6) for 100ml.

The shampoo, which will be free of parabens, is currently available at the shampoo section of beauty stores.

 The purifier, which is a specially formulated shampoo, is designed to treat and clean the skin in addition to removing dirt, oil, oil residue and grime.

The formula has been developed to target the oily skin, and is specially formulated to target redness, dryness and irritation.

“We want to bring out a purifier that is specifically designed for cleansing and rejuvenation and the Purified purifier is an important part of that,” Dr. Anurag Gupta, the CEO of Pureology, said.

“It is the purification of skin that will be used by the purifier to remove the dirt, water and dirt-like deposits.

It will also purify the pores, which can be an area where acne may occur.”

The shampoo, a shampoo that is formulated for the purpose of cleaning the skin, has a formula that is designed for removing dirt from the skin.

It has been formulated to treat acne by removing oil, dirt, grime and water from the surface of the skin and then delivering a gentle exfoliating effect.

The shampoo is formulated to contain no preservatives and is available at beauty stores across the country.

The purification shampoo, formulated to remove dirt, has been designed to target oily skin.

It is currently the only shampoo available at major beauty stores that contain the shampoo.

“The Purified will be launched by the end of this month in the UK, the US, Australia, India and New Zealand,” Gupta said.

In the UK and the US alone, the shampoo will be sold for a limited time and will be distributed to pharmacies and beauty stores by Pureology.

In the US and Canada, the purifying shampoo is currently in the purify section of many beauty stores, but is being offered at a discounted price.

In India, it is available only at beauty brands like Glamour and Burt’s Bees.

In Australia, it will be the first purifying bar in Australia and is being sold at Sephora and Boots.

In New Zealand, the Purifying Shampoo will be in stores by May.

In Brazil, it was launched by Brazil’s National Cleaning Company in the country’s capital Brasilia.

In France, it can be found in a number of local markets including Nice, Marseille, Marseilles, Bordeaux, Toulouse and Lyon.