What is Keratin shampoo?

Dove Dandruff Shampoo is the latest product in the Dove Shampoo line.

It’s also a “rebranding” of the original shampoo which has been around for years.

It was originally developed by Dove in 2005 and has been a staple in the brand’s products ever since.

It has also been used by other brands like Lancome, JCPenney, and even Macy’s.

Keratin, a chemical found in keratin hair, is used to protect the hair from sun damage and prevent the buildup of dead skin cells, so it’s used in the formulation.

Dove describes it as “the most powerful shampoo in the world,” which makes sense given that it was originally formulated to protect your hair from the sun. 

Dove also has a line of other products, including Dove Original Conditioner and Dove Super Cleaner, that are all made with keratin as their main ingredient. 

There are a lot of different products in the Keratin line, which includes Keratin Cream, Dove Original Hair Treatment, Dove Dry Cleaner and Dandrimer.

It includes products that come in a wide range of products, which means you can find products that don’t have a single brand name on them. 

For example, Dove’s Original Hair Care Gel comes in a lot different products than the other Keratin products. 

Another major difference between the Kerats is the ingredients. 

Many brands use a mix of natural ingredients, while Dove is trying to stay away from all synthetic ingredients.

This includes ingredients that are not found in the natural products, like corn oil, palm oil, and soybean oil. 

This is one reason why I was able to pick out some of the products that I was most interested in. 

To find out more about the products and their ingredients, you can read more about Keratin Shampoo in our article on Keratin. 

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Keratin Hair Caregel