How to wash your face in seconds with the new shampoo from Renpure

A new shampoo that purifies your skin and hair can help you avoid the common cold, but some experts are sceptical.

Key points:Renpure shampoo purifies and deodorises the skin and leaves it smelling goodRenpure is made from natural ingredients and comes in a range of fragrancesThe brand has already had an immediate success in AustraliaThe shampoo is made with natural ingredients, but critics are scepticRenpure will leave your hair smelling bad, so if you have a damp scalp, you might want to try a new shampoo like the one from the brand.

Renpure Shampoo is a new product from Renpur that has already been making waves on the beauty market.

The shampoo, available at stores in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide, contains natural ingredients like glycerin and a blend of vitamins A, C and E.

Renpur’s shampoo is also a bit pricier than other brands, but it has already seen a lot of popularity in Australia.ABC Consumer Business reporter Nicky Leung reports.

RenPure shampoo is currently available in a 20ml bottle and is available online for $10.

The products are made from the same organic ingredients that make Renpur’s hair-cleaning shampoo, which is formulated to purify the skin of dirt, impurities and other irritants.

The brand claims the shampoo works on the skin by reducing the levels of bacteria, fungi and viruses.

The Shampoo will leave the scalp feeling clean, clean and clear, according to a Renpur spokesperson.

But a review by consumer expert Michael Stoddart, a lecturer in Australian business at the University of Technology Sydney, found there was no evidence to back up the shampoo’s claims.

He said he did not think the shampoo would make anyone feel better, and he also said it was unlikely that it would remove all of the impurities that can clog the pores on your scalp.

“I think Renpur has a great product that is well thought out and will do the job and will be able to remove all the irritants that may be present,” he said.

Mr Stoddard said there was a “small risk” that the shampoo could leave you feeling uncomfortable if you were sensitive to chemicals or oil, but said he was confident it would work.

He found the shampoo was not strong enough to do the task of removing all the allergens that are found in the skin.

“You would have to use a lot more products to get rid of all those things,” he explained.

“If you were going to use shampoo to do that you would need a product that’s strong enough and doesn’t leave you sensitive to things.”

Mr Storrowart said he would not recommend the shampoo to people with dry skin, but that it was a good alternative for people with oily skin.

He also said that while it was not a natural shampoo, it could help remove bacteria and fungi from the skin, which could be beneficial if you had dry skin.

But other experts said they did not believe the shampoo did the job of removing allergens from the scalp and would leave a residue on the scalp.

Professor Stephen Reimer from the University