New synthetic shampoo may replace natural shampoo for men

Natural shampoo has long been considered the gold standard of shampoo, with a variety of brands coming out of China, Korea, Taiwan and even India.

But the popularity of natural shampoo is starting to wane in Europe.

Natural shampoo can often be found cheaper in supermarkets and in drugstores, which means it’s a cheaper option for men.

However, a new natural shampoo called “Fairy” may replace the old one in Europe, according to a German magazine.

The product, which contains the ingredient hyaluronic acid, has been promoted in Europe by cosmetics company “Frost” which has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund production.

“The idea is to introduce the new synthetic shampoo which is 100 percent safe and non-toxic,” the company’s chief executive, Markus Jahn, told German magazine Der Spiegel.

The company claims it will make its new shampoo in Germany and in Poland.

Fairy shampoo is the third product from the brand that has been launched in Europe after the “Frozen” shampoo and the “Dandelion” shampoo, which both contain hyaluronan.