What is a suave shampoo?

A suave, in this context, is a product that contains high amounts of fragrance.

It is also typically made with oils that have been refined and used to make a suvage (hair dryer).

The fragrance in a suavage shampoo is typically very strong and fragrant.

This fragrance is commonly used in beauty salons to add an appealing appearance.

There are many types of suave hair dryers, but the most popular is the old fashioned suave.

There is also the suave shower suave that is used for showering.

These two types of hair dryer are often found together in the same saloon, and are usually used in a saloon for both hair and body care purposes. 

The suave and the old-fashioned shampoo are two of the most common names used for shampooing products in Morocco.

However, there are many other brands, some of which are also used by women who do not use shampoo, but rather need a high-quality product.

Suave hair is a very soft, long-lasting product.

The suave is usually made from high quality oils that are sourced from the country of origin.

There can be different types of products, but one type of shampoo is called suave-fumé.

The shampoo is made from a mixture of vegetable oils and organic shampoos that are refined, and the ingredients are carefully chosen and processed to give the best results.

Suaves have been known for many centuries, and were often used in the past by women for their protection and for their health. 

A Suave shampoo is often called an “old-fashioned” shampoo because it was first made by women in Morocco around 1400 years ago. 

Today, suave products are made with high quality ingredients, and they are often used to enhance the appearance of women.

There have been many brands of suavages, but these two types are usually found together, and often for both body and hair care purposes, as well as in salons.

Suaving hair is an essential part of Moroccan beauty salon rituals and traditions. 

How to make suave Hair Dryer (hair salons)